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Dr. Julie Sieben


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About the Book

Most of us can spot a runner a mile away. Lean and tone, they radiate strength and energy, and look amazing in tight jeans. While those rewards are definitely worth the effort, they are only part of it. Done correctly, running relieves stress, builds self-confidence, and unleashes limitless creativity. In Six Weeks to Love Running, the reader sees how running can lead to massive shifts in body, mind, and spirit—all while helping them find pleasure in it and fall in love with it along the way! Six Weeks to Love Running begins with MOTIVATION—and super-charges it with EMPOWERING COMMITMENTS and thought-provoking INSIGHTS followed by guiding the reader through ELIMINATING DEFEATING BELIEFS and setting S.M.A.R.T. GOALS to keep runners on track and moving forward. With the reader focused on success, it goes on to lay the technical foundation for a successful running program, including warm ups, proper form, STRIDE MECHANICS, BREATHING TECHNIQUES, and the BEST GEAR—to make running effective, safe, and enjoyable. Taking a body/mind/spirit approach, Six Weeks to Love Running expands the readers awareness of CROSS TRAINING, MEDITATION, and a stretch and strength program, before it wraps up with a 6-WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM to help the reader progress—and a BONUS 6-WEEK WALKING PROGRAM for anyone not quite ready to jump into running. Interspersed throughout the book are interactive exercises, positive affirmations, and powerful quotations, designed to help the reader learn about themselves and encourage their success.



About the Author

As a chiropractor, certified yoga instructor, and fitness expert, Dr. Julie Sieben has devoted her life to helping others achieve greater physical health and mental bliss through the body-mind connection. Julie is a woman who found her passion and found herself while fighting her way back from a painful chronic back injury she experi-enced as teenager. Now pain-free, Julie developed her Six Weeks to Love Running program to show others how to fall in love with running, get in shape, look great, and, most importantly feel great in body and mind too.